Top five tips to organise a perfect buffet

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If you are about to organize a lavish dinner party, wedding reception or a corporate event the chances are that you will be going for a buffet. Sometimes organizing a buffet can be a bit tricky and careful planning of the event can solve many issues that people generally face while organizing a buffet.

Here are our top five tips to organize a perfect buffet:

Ample amount of space

When organizing a buffet keep in mind that people tend to move in flocks rather than individually during dinner time. They want to explore what’s on the menu and then take whatever they like on their plates. It is advised that an ample amount of space be there between the buffet table and the sitting area. The freedom of movement should not be restricted. An easy passage and access to different food items will be appreciated by your guests always.


Beverages should be spate from the food table

It is a good idea to separate the beverage station from the food tables. You need to make it easy for guests to swing by and refill their glass, without pressing through the buffet line. You also want the station to be near the kitchen, as jugs of water and pots of coffee are heavier (usually) than food trays, and more prone to spilling.


Provide multiple access points to plates and cutlery

You are better off providing multiple access points to the cutlery station. This part of the setup can be overcrowded and you can experience breakage of plates and bowls. Give your guests an ample amount of space so that they don’t have to struggle to get plates, napkins, bowls, and cutlery.


Improvise if needed

Keep swapping places of foods that are most popular with those that are not being eaten by your guests. It will help you equalize and limit wastage. It is often seen in wedding receptions that people tend to overlook certain foods that are at the end of the table. Keep introducing new dishes at the start so that all is consumed.


Never overlook the trash

It is often experienced that caterers and event organizers complain of broken plates and cutlery is thrown her and there. This happens because people cannot find the trash can to dispose of the plates. Make sure that these trash cans are accessible and present near the sitting area. Never overlook this part of the buffet.

If you are planning a buffet or a wedding reception you will surely benefit from these tips. Make sure to apply when the time comes. If you are looking for the Best Catering Services in Meerut to organize any event, do provide your inputs after reading this blog.


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