Top five areas of a wedding venue decoration that you should plan in advance

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The era of grand weddings is upon us. No matter how practical you are, a wedding has to be a spectacle. Isn’t it? As common people like us have a few days to celebrate and wedding has to be up there. To make your wedding memorable three key elements have to be the wedding venue, catering services, and decoration. We are going to talk about these three aspects and more in the points below. But our major emphasis will be on decorations.

Decoration in Indian weddings plays a very important role. These decorations create an ambiance that people generally ease into and enjoy the occasion. It also shows how welcoming you are to your guests. Thus it is never a bad idea to invest your hard-earned money and creative juices to create a breath-taking wedding decoration plan.

We will start off with some areas you should particularly take a keen interest in:

The Entrance 

The first impression is the last, and we want the first impression on your guests from your wedding should be unforgettable. The entrance should be welcoming as well as a curtain that does not reveal what’s in store for your guests. It should be just before the entrance to the main hall or lawn that your guests be ready for the big reveal. The decoration creates that element of surprise and instantly your guests start taking more interest in the whole event. Isn’t it we all keep weddings at coveted locations, so that you can captivate the imagination of your guests??

The lighting

Lighting plays an important role in beautifying the wedding venue. It should neither be too flashy nor subdued. The aim is to use various sources of light and gel it together so that the orchestra of lights creates a perfect ambiance. You should consider using LED lights, authentic light bulbs, oil lamps, decorative lamps, hanging lights, regal lights for a traditional look and perhaps the more popular floating lights. Make sure that you use them in generous quantities but intelligently.

The wedding stage

There is nothing more important than the wedding stage at a wedding. This is the most used and viewed portion of the wedding venue. Thus, it is of utmost important to get this place right. There are many ways to about the decoration of the stage, but it is advisable that you use a harmony of subtle colors, flowers, draped clothes, lights, lamps, and artifacts to good use. Try to make it welcoming, warm and cheerful out there for your loved ones.

The dining area

Like a fine dining restaurant invests its energies and money on decorating the dining area, it is important to give a thought to the dining area of a wedding venue in Meerut. A careful selection of comfortable seats, dining table, decoration pieces, ambient lighting and the presentation of the food itself has to be perfect. Make sure that you hire the best caterers too. Anything that can spoil the whole event has to be bad-tasting food. We have written a blog on this topic and you can read it here.

Wedding Mandap 

Mandap decoration is one of the most crucial parts of your wedding decoration and the main highlight of any wedding. This is why it requires all your attention while you are planning to start your wedding decorations. Check out these floral mandap decor ideas as flowers are going to enhance your mandap look overall.

Choose the best banquet services in Meerut to enjoy your wedding. You can rest assured that all the aspects of the wedding will be taken care of. The best banquets in Meerut provide excellent services. You can avail all these services but do a bit of research before committing to any of the banquets.



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