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Top five areas of a wedding venue decoration that you should plan in advance

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  • Date October 10, 2019
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The era of grand weddings is upon us. No matter how practical you are, a wedding has to be a spectacle. Isn’t it? As common people like us have a few days to celebrate and wedding has to be up there. To make your wedding memorable three key elements have to be the wedding venue, […]

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3 Important Things to Keep In Mind When Selecting Wedding Catering Services in Meerut.

Indian weddings are known for their extravagant preparations. Every single item in an Indian wedding is crafted with care. It is a special occasion for not just the bride and groom, but also the families and the guests who make it up to the event. Here is the most important part of Indian weddings, where […]

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Best catering services in Meerut - expansive food menu

3 things to keep in mind when selecting the best catering in Meerut

Caterers are the food people. They plan, cook and serve the best food for huge masses. Their role is inevitable in any meetup or occasions. As long as food exists, caterers will always be on the demand. But not all caterers can help meet your needs. The caterers you choose must have a very good […]

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Food facts of Indian traditional food

5 Indian Food Facts That Will Leave You Amazed!

Everyone loves Indian food, right? Nothing surpasses the culmination of bold, sophisticated spices, creamy sauce, and tangy chili. Not to mention all the extras that make traditional food all the more yummy like chutney samosa, bread pakora, chaat, and whatnot – there’s a reason it’s one of the UK’s most-loved options when it comes to ordering […]

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Atithi Hospitality - Banquet

4 Benefits Of Booking A Banquet Hall In Meerut For All Your Special Events.

Meerut is known for its gorgeous culture and festivities celebrated all throughout the year. People always like to celebrate special days with joy and pride. Whether it is a lifetime event of a marriage, reception party, engagement or special days of birthdays or anniversaries, banquet halls are the most favorable place to celebrate these events. […]

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