5 Indian Food Facts That Will Leave You Amazed!

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Food facts of Indian traditional food

Everyone loves Indian food, right? Nothing surpasses the culmination of bold, sophisticated spices, creamy sauce, and tangy chili. Not to mention all the extras that make traditional food all the more yummy like chutney samosa, bread pakora, chaat, and whatnot – there’s a reason it’s one of the UK’s most-loved options when it comes to ordering takeaway.

But how much do you really know about Indian food culture?  questioning your knowledge about Indian food? don’t worry we are not going to quiz you, however, we will fill you in about some Indian food facts that might absolutely amaze you. So here it goes.

1. Spice is nice

Indian spices

No other country on Earth produces more variety of spices than India, hence the perfect name “The Land of Spices”. This is one of the reasons why Indian food has so much diversity and unique dishes.

2. Chicken Tikka Masala did not originate in India

Chicken tikka masala

This one might surprise you. The classic Indian dish Chicken Tikka Masala isn’t from India. It was actually invented in Scotland! However, due to its immense popularity, it has become a favorite Indian cuisine. The next time you order Chicken Tikka Masala don’t let this fact become a factor in not enjoying this amazing dish.

3. Rice for breakfast anyone?

Basmati rice

When we think of rice the first thing that comes to mind is Basmati rice or Pilau. However, with over 40,000 varieties of cultivated rice around the world, there are many more that we haven’t discovered yet. Souther-India, in particular, is home to numerous rice based variety of dishes, and it is not uncommon if rice gets featured in your everyday breakfast menu as well.

4. Now this is a secret


Indian food is generally classified into three distinct groups:
1. Saatvic, which stands for vegetables, milk, and juices
2. Raajsic, which covers oily and spicy food
3. Taamsic, which means meat and liquor.

Each of these 3 groups of food is said to have a different effect on the body, such as bringing out negative feelings or increasing your personal activity and emotion.

5. Who would have thought London would have more Indian restaurants than Mumbai

The first official Indian restaurant in the UK was opened in 1809. The popularity of Indian cuisine has since become so immense, and the British have such an affinity for it, that it’s reported that London now has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai, now isn’t that mind-boggling.

Now that you know a little bit more about Indian knowledge share it with your friends over dinner at one of the best fine dining restaurant in Meerut.


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