4 Tips to Choose the Best Catering Services in Meerut

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When it comes to Indian weddings they are ought to be lavish in every sense be it Bride’s wedding lehenga, the location, the decoration and so on. However there is one another aspect that is one of the most important things in an Indian wedding and that is food, which plays a crucial part in a perfect dream wedding. Here are some helpful tips to select the best catering services in Meerut for your big day.

1. Ascertain your budget –
When you are planning a wedding it is safe to say that allocating your budget is the key to a successful wedding ceremony. Before you start looking for catering services in Meerut you need to decide upon a budget that you are willing to spend on food keeping in mind the number of people you are inviting. It will make it much easier for you to compare proposals.

Typically wedding catering includes high tea reception, lunch/dinner reception or standing cocktail reception. In our suggestion for sit – down lunch or dinner to provide comfort for your guests. By agreeing upon this early on, potential wedding caterers can understand your requirements and come up with a proposal that customized for you.

2. Communication is the key –
Take note of how they communicate with you before signing the deal, it is a good indicator of how trustworthy they are. As much as food is the primary component to any catering service provider, how the manager treats their client is also as important. If the communication is strong you can expect everything to go smoothly on the big day.

3. Flexible menu options –
If you are expecting a lot of guests which usually is the case in an Indian wedding, choosing the best catering services in Meerut that suits your budget and palate is imperative. Usually, most caterers have fixed packages which might limit your choices, although there are some caterers that give you flexible menu options which is a much better choice to go for. Pick a caterer who can alter the menu according to your requirements.

4. Choose a caterer who provides food tastings –
The last thing you want to worry about preparing so hard for the wedding day is food quality. It is crucial to select a caterer you can trust completely. A trustworthy caterer is willing to conduct a food tasting session prior to the wedding day so you can be tension free and concentrate on other things.

Over at Atithi Hospitality, we believe in providing the best catering services in Meerut as every wedding celebration should be a memorable celebration. Let us take you through this wonderful journey with the expertise of our wedding specialists and culinary team in association with the famous The Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor.
We give you the confidence to host your wedding reception in the way you imagined it. Book your wedding catering with us and experience food and hospitality like never before.


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